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Renewable Energy Industry

Our commitment to the preservation of our planet by offering “Green” Eco-Friendly tape solutions and provides innovative converted adhesive products and solutions to the renewable energy sectors. These tapes can be used in the manufacturing, installation, and repair processes for energy systems such as solar, wind, geothermal, and nuclear energy.

We offer a broad range of high-performance and specialty tapes and films for bonding, masking, protecting, sealing, conductivity, and thermal management often needed in the renewable energy industry. Using custom rolls of tapes and die-cut shapes helps eliminate waste and saves assembly time.

Discover the potential in our variety of renewable energy tape solutions.

The renewable energy market seeks to find the most cost-effective way of power generation that harnesses limitless resources such as sun and wind. As many renewable energy sectors look to build capacity, manufacturing of essential parts and components will be aided by flexible foam and tape solutions. Our reliable products are used in emerging renewable energy markets such as composite molding in wind energy. The products are also used for the bonding needs of solar power. We will optimize our products exactly to your needs so that you can improve your production efficiency and functional performance.


  • Release coatings for turbine blade molds

  • Vacuum sealing for resin molding 

  • Surface protecting of turbine blades stored outside

  • Mounting of in-mold resin filters

  • Glass fabric splicing and holding

  • Mounting of gurney flaps and vortex generators

Increasing efficiency in renewable energy production with tapes

Industry, mobility and almost every part of our daily lives is powered by electricity. Wind-, hydro- or solar-based renewable energy production is nothing new but booming worldwide. Becoming independent from fossil fuels and suppliers has become even more important with recent world events currently unfolding. We are working to increase efficiency of renewable energy production and our tapes support this goal by enabling more efficient production of the largest wind turbines in the world to optimize the output of windmills. Special tapes built to withstand tough environmental influences help to guarantee durable performance of hydro- and solar-power generation with less maintenance and facilitated assembly.

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