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IS 5411

uhb TAPE

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Ultra High Bond Tape

Ultra High Bonding Tapes, also known as acrylic foam tape. It is easy to assemble, no drilling, riveting, welding or screw fastening. A high strength, clear, UV resistant double-sided film. Damps vibration and absorbs impact. Has high adhesion and shear strength. Heat and solvent resistant. A good general purpose, permanent tape. Heat resistant is 180 and tolerates differential thermal extortion or contraction. Made up of superlative raw materials, our UHB Adhesive Tape is popular for excellent tack and adhesion, high cohesion strength, and resistant to heat. Moreover, our Tapes are also resistant to UV, oil, water, and other solvent. It is ideal for bonding to a variety of substrates such as most metals, glass, plastics, composites and painted surface.



  • Partition wall

  • Furniture

  • Sign manufacture

  • Glass cabinet

  • Window

  • Solar panels


Sizes Available: Cut Size and Log Rolls


Regular Colors: Clear / Grey / White / Black


Thickness: 0.8mm – 2.0mm

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