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IS 5411

UHB Tape

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Ultra High Bond Tape

Transform your assembly process with our Ultra High Bonding Tapes, also recognized as acrylic foam tape. Engineered for seamless assembly without the need for drilling, riveting, welding, or screws, this tape revolutionizes the way you bring components together. Featuring a high-strength, clear, UV-resistant double-sided film, it not only offers powerful adhesion but also dampens vibrations and absorbs impacts effectively.

Key Features

  • High adhesion and shear strength

  • Heat and solvent resistant (up to 180 degrees)

  • Versatile and permanent bonding solution

  • Excellent tack and adhesion with high cohesion strength

  • Resistant to UV, oil, water, and other solvents


  • Partition walls

  • Furniture

  • Sign manufacturing

  • Glass cabinets

  • Windows

  • Solar panels

Sizes Available

  • Cut Size

  • Log Rolls

Regular Colors

  • Clear

  • Grey

  • White

  • Black


  • 0.8mm – 2.0mm

Crafted from superior raw materials, our UHB Adhesive Tape delivers exceptional performance across various substrates such as metals, glass, plastics, composites, and painted surfaces. Elevate your bonding experience with a tape that combines strength, durability, and versatility in one innovative solution."

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