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Our silicone sealants are renowned for their sanitary properties, as well as their exceptional resistance to aging, weathering, mold, radiation, fire, water, and volatile chemicals.
As some of our most versatile sealant solutions, our silicone-based products are capable of providing exceptionally tough, yet flexible seals for a variety of applications across domestic, commercial, and industrial installation processes.

MS Polymer Sealant

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General Purpose Sealant


Weather Seal 

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No More Nails Sealant

Available in a variety of low to mid modulus formulations, our silicone sealants offer elastic properties to suit your needs. And unlike other sealants with high levels of flexibility, our silicone formulations don’t compromise on durability. Boasting exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosive fluids and volatile airborne chemicals, our silicone sealants are even tough enough to replace automotive gaskets.

I-STIX silicone sealants are also highly resistant to mold, freeze-thaw conditions, and various forms of radiation, making them ideal for use in food preparation areas. Acid free and with very low emissions, these food-grade sealants are some of the most sanitary on the market.

Our silicone-based products not only excel at sealing synthetic surfaces, but also notoriously difficult materials like concrete and natural stone. Their ability to provide highly workable, non-sag, low odor seals across glass, timber and roofing materials means they provide truly versatile solutions for construction projects.

MS Polymer Sealant

i-STIX® MS Polymer Sealant is a high bond strength, single component joint sealant with high levels of elasticity. The easy applicator tube is easy to gun out, even in low temperatures.  MS Sealant is incredibly quick and easy to work with, with primer less adhesion available on most surfaces. It also helps to reduce bubble formation for a strong, unified bond.

MS Polymer Sealant is ideal for use in low movement joints within construction and automotive industries. It is also suitable for use in aerospace applications that require a tough flexible rubber. 

  • Automotive applications where silicone is banned

  • Ship-deck caulking, ship & boat building

  • Structural bonding in vibration constructions

  • Connection joints in sheet metal fabrication

  • Supple bonding in car bodies, caravans & containers

  • Construction & building fabrication

  • Glass panel bonding

  • Lighting lenses​

  • Bathroom applications

  • Decorative water feature sealing

MS Polymer Sealant



Solvents & Acids Free


Flexible & Durable Adhesion


UV Stability


Chemical Resistance

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Non Staining 

General Purpose Sealant

i-STIX® General Purpose GP  Silicone Sealant is a high quality one-part, acetoxy cure silicone sealant for interior grade gap filling applications. It is a cost effective silicone sealant for general purpose applications. It is a RTV moisture cure sealant, low in odor and water Resistant. It provides a flexible bond and will not harden or crack. It offers long term durability in a range of general sealing or glazing applications on glass, aluminum, painted surfaces, ceramics, fiberglass, and non-oily wood. It can be used anywhere where there is a gap present.

  • For sealing doors and windows

  • For all the glass-related work

  • Building and construction joints

  • For sealing doors and windows

  • For all the glass-related work

  • Building and construction joints

General Purpose Sealant



High Tensile Strenght




VOC Free


UV Resistance


Permanently Flexible

Weather-seal Sealant

i-STIX® Weather Seal Silicon sealants brings excellence to any design. It has the ability to accommodate joint movements in buildings and façades, prevents air and water from leaking around windows and doors, and seals surfaces such as plazas and parking decks for long-lasting use.

Weatherproof silicone sealants are meant for high performance joints both indoors & outdoors. They are  silicones with excellent adhesion & naturally resistant to all weather conditions.

  • New generation neutral silicone, with greater adhesion properties and wide versatility of use due to special mechanical properties

  • Clean and wireless with perfect extrusion

  • Allows maximum protection for the consumer, thanks to its reduced emissions in the air (A+) and as it is 100% free from oxides 

  • Ideal for perimeter seals, expansion joints, glazing, sanitary, room controlled and face where there is a risk of mold formation 

  • Fusion XLT combine the advantages of excellent primer less adhesion properties, neutral and long shelf life.

  • Ideal for: Outdoor ACP panel & façade joints, Glazing & glass joints, Indoor, sanitary & tiling joints

  • Multi-material Compatibility: Compatible with Wood & Painted Wood, Glass, Aluminum, Concrete, PVC & PC Copper, Ceramic & Tiles, Stainless Steel, Brass etc.

Weather seal sealant



Solvent Free


All Weather 


Flexible Temprature


Long Lasting Adhesion


Non Corrosive to Metals