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IS 5702

Anti slip watch
your step tape


Anti-Slip ‘Watch Your Step’ Printed Strip is designed to increase safety by improving foot traction. These black and yellow striped anti-slip tapes also catch visual attention to areas that might require additional caution.

Anti-Slip ‘Watch Your Step’ Printed Strip offers a clear message and an anti-skid surface to workers, guests and visitors in the hazardous areas. Apply this traction black and yellow abrasive anti slip tape where visual warning ‘Watch Your Step’ is required to mark possible slip and fall hazards. They are made from a durable aluminium oxide grit formulation that results in a durable and reliable result and is a die cut in convenient 6 x 24 inches piece. This strip is constructed from a thick PVC base layer drenched with an aggressive 80 grit aluminium oxide compound coated with an uncompromising acrylic adhesive which makes it safe, effective and highly durable. To ensure its optimum results apply it on a clean smooth oil-free surface.

Anti Slip Tape can be applied onto almost any surface and instantly provides an anti-slip surface that is ready to walk on, It is a mineral-coated, slip-resistant material reducing trip hazards on smooth and flat surfaces - designed in a wide range of colors and sizes. Enhances personal safety. It combines high quality abrasives and tough, durable adhesives to give outstanding slip resistance over long periods Prevents slips and falls at home. Avoid applying directly above tile grouting.



  • Anti-Slip Tape reduces the risk of accidents on slippery, uneven or split level floor surfaces.

  • Best choice where mud may be present.

  • Very, very durable because of its large grit size.

  • Useful where extra strong traction is needed, such as external ramps, sloping driveways, loading docks.

  • Enhances safety at home especially on slippery floors like marble, granite etc.

  • Useful for dry areas like steps, ramps, ladders, staircases etc.


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