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i-stix, Photo-luminescent Glow in the dark tape is a special type of tape that will actually glow in the dark. i-stix glowing tape is commonly used to help improve the safety in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and even on emergency equipment. i-stix glow tapes are non-toxic, and free from any phosphorous or radioactive material.

  • Flexible laminated tape that absorbs and stores energy from ambient light.

  • In the event of a power failure or power outage these tapes are immediately visible there by providing people with a clearly illuminated evacuation route.

  • Our glow in the dark tapes & sticker are peel and stick and easily affixed to walls, columns, around door or window frames, handrails, along stairways and baseboards and are ideal for your low-level emergency egress system.

  • They are constructed from a flexible laminated film that is coated with permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and backed by poly-coated release liner.

  • They are UV stable.

  • Installation is as simply position, peel of backing, and apply to dry, non oily surface.

  • The minimum application temperature is 50 degree fahrenheit or 10 degree celsius.



  • Illuminates stair nosing,

  • Door surrounds,

  • Walkways,

  • Stairways,

  • Skirting boards,

  • Entrance/­exit ways

  • And anywhere else that would require strong, electricity free illumination.

Available: Cut Size and Jumbo Rolls


Regular Colors: Neon green

IS 5805

gloW arrow TAPE

istix anti slip with glow stripe

anti slip with glow strip TAPE

anti slip glow tape



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