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Structural Spacer Tape is a semi-rigid foam tape with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. It has  highly aggressive adhesive on both sides, and a semi-rigid, open cell structure that maintains the required spacing, and allows air and moisture to reach the silicone to allow optimum curing.


  • Spacer tape application replaces the uses of clips thus avoids labor cost.

  • They are specially used for aluminum doors, window, steel, aluminum  surface and panel fixing.

  • Highly suitable thermal insulation thus seals against water, vapor and noise.

  • Highly suitable for structural glazing as a spacer. 


Sizes Available: Cut Size and Jumbo rolls


Colors: Grey foam with Blue Liner

IS 5412

spacer TAPE


pe foam TAPE

istix-red-liner-black-foam-tape-1 (1).png

stix fix  

interior decoration industry

i-stix floor marking warning tape ( Red ).png

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