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Nitrile Foam Tape - is the flexible and self-adhesive insulation foam tape made from Nitrile rubber elastomeric Closed Cell Insulation. Ideal for wrapping hot or cold piping's and fittings. Nitrile tape is specially coated with selected acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive providing long service life.

It also has good resistance to moisture, humidity, grease etc., therefore it is suitable for sealing, baffling, cushioning and insulation. Nitrile ECO Tape This flexible and self-adhesive foam tape is made from nitrile rubber elastomeric closed cell insulation.

Sizes Available: Cut Size

Colors: Black Foam with White liner

 Thickness: 1.0mm – 5.0mm

IS 5408

nitrile TAPE


pe foam TAPE


stix fix  

interior decoration industry

i-stix floor marking warning tape ( Red ).png

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