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PVC Tapes 101. Everything you need to know.

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

They insulate, mask, seal, glue – and much more. Industrial tapes are one of the best example proving that necessity is the mother of invention. They are used in a variety of sectors, starting from electronics, through automotive, to agriculture. They offer diverse functions depending on the tape type and quality. PVC tape is our favorite and it is going to be the subject of our today’s article.

One of the major applications of insulating tapes is to cover, secure and seal the ends of electrical wires. The purpose of such tapes is to protect the cable from damage, e.g. as a result of contact with chemical substances or adverse weather conditions.

Thus automotive plants, for example, will use this type of tape to protect motor cables in cars, while household appliances manufacturers will use them for the construction of washing machines or refrigerators. The commonly used material used for making insulating tapes is PVC, specifically its soft variety (PVC-P).

Tapes made of PVC are characterized by a high level of protection and insulation. They are adhesive, self-extinguishing and due to their elasticity they are successfully used on uneven surfaces. Their resistance to abrasion, corrosion and adverse weather conditions, such as moisture, are also extremely important. An additional advantage of PVC is its susceptibility to properties modification and shaping. From the point of view of a converting company, i.e. a company like ours; i-STIX, this means the possibility to customize the material depending on the customer’s needs. The freedom of PVC processing and dyeing matters as well. Our tapes’ wide color range facilitates identification of elements protected with the tapes (e.g. electric wires). It is simply a matter of functionality and convenience of use which is excellent in the case of PVC tapes.


In fact, PVC film is not friendly for environment, but we still need use it at somewhere. Popularly, PVC tape means PVC electric insulation tape, however, PVC tape can be used for masking and securing, bonding, fixing and repairing, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, waterproof sealing, cable bundles' creation, wires' color marking.

PVC tapes are one of the best example proving that necessity is the mother of invention. They are used in a variety of sectors, starting from electronics, through automotive and agriculture industries. They offer diverse functions depending on the tape type and quality.

Check out the kinds of PVC tapes and follow the link to know product details;

Electrical Insulation Tape

Used for insulating cable lugs in meter panels, Insulating cable joints in submersible pumps, Insulation of electrical wire joints, Color coding (3 phase wiring)

Floor Marking Tape

Wire Harness Tape

Pipe Wrapping Tape

Mask PVC Tape

Double Side PVC Tape

Non Adhesive Tape





WIDTH (mm)

LENGHT (mtr)


IS 5301

NFR Electrical Insulation Tape




Color Coding, Insulating cable joints in submersible pumps, etc

IS 5302

FR Electrical Insulation Tape




Fire Retardant, Insulating cable lugs in meter panels, etc

IS 5304

Floor Marking Tape




Mark hazards, Divide spaces, Provide directions

IS 5305

Pipe Wrapping Tape




Protects metal and plastic piping

IS 5306

Wire Harness Tape




Bundling wires, reduce noise, vibration and harshness

IS 5307

Non-Adhesive Tape




Ducting and HVAC industry



Preparation stage

Simply, PVC film with Solvent-based rubber adhesive, after coating, drying, rewinding etc. process, then you will get the PVC tape. Actually, it is not so simple like that. In the next, I will tell what we should prepare before manufacturing it.

  • Confirm the tape type that is to be manufactured, normally different types have different technique process, such as pvc film and adhesive formula.

  • The production steps. PVC electrical tape coating machine -> pvc tape cutting machine -> packing machine etc.

  • Substrate of PVC film. Choosing the right film is very important. For instance, film thickness, quality grade (Calcium powder content, virgin PVC granule), tensile strength, voltage insulating grade (normally should pass 3kv voltage testing). Anyway, find out the suitable and good pvc film, it’s not easy.

  • Solvent-based rubber adhesives. Adhesive formula is deemed to a secret for pvc tape manufacturing factory. Maybe different factories have a little difference on the formula. It largely determines the tape quality.

  • Solvent recycling equipment. Generally natural rubber or synthetic rubber as solute, toluene as solvent is used. But toluene is expensive, it also can be recycled. We can establish solvent recycling equipment, then collect the vaporized solvent during drying, therefore, we can save more cost.

  • Paper core. Usually 38mm,32mm size as electrical tape, 76mm size as floor marking tape is used.

  • Cutting machine. After the coating, and making log rolls, the cutter is used to slice the log roll into the width required. The machine can be set to a standard size for automatic slitting or customize it as per requirement.

  • Packing machine. After the slitting of log roll, the packing machine is used to automatically pack the cut pieces.

Production stage

  • Put the pvc film on the lift-type auto unwinder, and then transfer to gravure coater. In addition, there have one accumulator in the middle, which is used for nonstop running during exchange rolls.

  • First gravure coater is used for bottom adhesive coating. Normally, the film surface is smooth and hard to connect tightly with adhesive. So, it must have bottom adhesive as pre-coating. In addition, the bottom adhesive viscosity is lower than second stage adhesives.

  • Effectuate the film through the first drying oven, heating the bottom adhesive. Then after heating, prepare second comma blade coater for second adhesive coating. The second adhesive coating, we also call it surface adhesive. Moreover, the coating thickness can be adjusted.

  • Dry the surface adhesive, then effectuate to cooling device. Cooling process is also very important, it highly affect tape forming molecular structure. Normally, 1-10℃ of water can be put into the cooling cylinder, so that it can provide faster cooling.

  • Auto Rewinding. This is the last process of pvc tape coating machine. Further more, it is the core technology for making auto rewinding. The line can run 25m+/s or not, mostly depends on your rewinder running situation. GS coater can do 30m+/min rewinder.

  • After getting the pvc rolls, avoid cutting it immediately, it should be kept in the curing room, for a period of 2-3 days. for exceptional quality.

Do you need reliable PVC? We offer a wide range of tapes. We will advise you on the best solution and adapt technical parameters to meet your requirements. Contact us !

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