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IS 5702

anti slip Glow
strip TAPE

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Anti Slip



Anti Slip Tape can be applied onto almost any surface and instantly provides an anti-slip surface that is ready to walk on, It is a mineral-coated, slip-resistant material reducing trip hazards on smooth and flat surfaces - designed in a wide range of colors and sizes. Enhances personal safety. It combines high quality abrasives and tough, durable adhesives to give outstanding slip resistance over long periods Prevents slips and falls at home. Avoid applying directly above tile grouting.

Based on PET film and quartz sand coated with glow strip and acrylic glue. PET anti slip tape is soft,easy tear,and can be excellently adhered to different surfaces. Glow Line safety-grip tape is the most cost effective photoluminescent anti slip material. The photoluminescent powder and pastes are extremely expensive, some of the higher grade varieties cost more than gold. We decided to produce an inexpensive alternative. Glow Line is an ingenious product, we use our photoluminescent Egress tape as the center line then surround that by our black standard safety-grip coating, as we use a thinner line of Egress tape this lowers our production costs as we use less of the precious photo luminescent product. The center glow in the dark stripe is 10mm wide, with the black either side being 20mm each making the entire width a very popular 50mm. The use of two contrasting colors creates a highly visible effect, perfect for highlighting. The use of our black standard safety-grip ensures superb levels of grip; the coefficient of friction rating is far in excess of any present or impending regulation


PET anti slip tape usage is as following: equipment: fitness, equipment, machine tools, printing machine, the foot pedal and the channel,stepped on the bus. Place: kindergartens, schools, home for the elderly, stations, subway stations, ports, hotels, clubs, sports, fitness and recreation rooms, entrances and pedestrian ramps, freight yard, working area and decks, and other place. can also be used for recreation and tour buses, boats, trailers,trucks,planes on a hanging ladder,large or small power equipment.



Cost-effective, multi-functional safety product, i-stix  anti slip safety tape with yellow reflective strip. In low light conditions where things are still visible, the reflective strip will reflect light and help attract the eye of any people close by, warning of potential hazards such as ledges or steps.



i-stix general anti-slip tapes are made of PET material base film instead of PVC. PET material provides a strong barrier against water vapour, dilute acids, gases, oils, alcohols, and most importantly, UV rays. These qualities make our tapes exceptional durable and strong in different environment and weather. A great choice for Commercial and Residential use for high traffic area.



The PET base layer also withstands extreme temperatures (-10ºc to 60ºc / 14 F to 140 F). No cracking, peeling, disintegrating using in extreme hot or cold weather, perfect for INDOOR and OUTDOOR all year around.



HYPO-ALLERGENIC 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide traction pad boosts foot traction with a subtle texture, giving you utmost protection without sacrificing comfort. Provides extra foot traction for protection to your child, family, elderly, and pets on slippery surfaces. Prevents slipping especially for elderly people.



Our anti-slip tape has a thick and aggressive Acrylic adhesive that will form a strong, water-proof bond to Smooth Surfaces, Including concrete, metal, plastic, wood, tile, stone, laminate. This tape is weather and water proof, making it ideal for ensuring safety on steps, ladders, ramps, trailers, decks and other safety equipment.

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anti skid tape 


Anti slip  TAPE


glow arrow tape

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